3 September 2012

Ultra Seven Silky Finish Bullet - Sex Toy Review

I will start by saying the Ultra Seven Silky Finish Bullet is a great value for money product for those not wanting to break the budget. The most expensive I found was in a local adult shop in Melbourne, on my way back from dinner at St Kilda one time. They had it marked as $49! I must of seemed like a real bitch because I left the shop laughing and quoting 'The Castle' to my friend.... 'Tell 'em their dreamin'. I had nearly forgotten about it until I came across it again recently whilst shopping online for lingerie, and sorted through the sex toys the site also had.

Long story short, I love the silky finish products from Seven Creations nearly as much as I love the Luv Touch that Pipedream produce. It's just so smooth and I found I needed a lot less lube than some of the other products I have bought recently.

The Ultra Seven button control gives out 7 levels to enjoy: 3 Vibrating Modes, 1 Escalating Mode and 3 Pulsating Modes so there is something for most of us. The vibration levels aren't going to bring your walls crashing down or wake up your neighbourhood, but the bullet is easily manoeuvred and gives a nice consistant vibration level to help reach climax with or without a partner.

I think it would be perfect for either a beginner or first-timers, but may be a bit on the tame side of vibration for those with bigger toy chests (like moi). Also, don't pay nearly $50 for it, look around for what's on offer. I got mine for $28.50 whilst looking through lingerie on www.purple3lingerie.com.au (it was cheap enough, as i had a few items and didn't pay for postage).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Places to Buy Online:
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*prices correct at the date of publishing
www.purple3lingerie.com.au - $28.50
www.risqueboutique.com - $34.95

Review: Lyn