12 December 2013

Namiko Sensual Massage Gel (Lotus Blossom)

I have never been a fan of massage gel, it's usually thick, sticky and a mess to work with. Leaving you and your sheets and bodies in a horrible mess. So with low expectations I gave Namiko Sensual Massage Gel a go (5 times) and I must say it felt beautiful and silky (while giving a massage, I found myself rubbing it on myself it felt so good), pleasant smell not to strong the best bit was no stickiness at all, it melted into the skin like a good moisturiser.

Until after the massage I put my lips to skin and not a great taste. Imagine this 'mid body slide', I was thinking this gel is fantastic, I absolutely love it, my skin is going to look fabulous. I went for the nipple to tongue tickle and kiss, urghhh, it tasted terrible and it coated my tongue. I was left with two options fess up and make my partner shower so I could go on and enjoy kissing and licking the bits I love to... or tough it out. I toughed it out until giving my partner a passionate kiss on the lips and he was not as subtle...mentioning the taste immediately. Needless to say we finished our fun in the shower which was not a bad thing.

If its purely for massage a really beautiful product, I loved the silky feeling, subtle smell and was very easy to wash off. If you want to lay your lips on an oiled up body afterwards then probably not the best product.

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Review: Saige Devine - Follow Saige on Twitter

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