7 July 2014

OVO B11 Cockring - Sex Toy Review

We have high expectations for cock rings to not only maintain erections, however when they vibrate they should provide vibrations along the majority of the length of the shaft they have been placed on, whether that is a rock hard cock, or a dildo. The OVO B11 Cockring lives up to some of these expectations, but not all of them.

The OVO B11 Cockring is manufactured from high quality material, 100% body safe silicone which is a highly recommended material for sex toys. Being a silicone based toy, only water based lubricants should be used as silicone based lubricants will damage them.

The B11 Cockring is also showerproof meaning that the majority of bodily fluids generated while using the OVO should not affect the cock ring in any way at all.  The design makes sure that this occurs by placing the opening of the battery compartment deep in the cock ring.

Given the small size of the motor, we were expecting a complete lack of power from the OVO B11 Cockring , however the motor was stronger than we had expected. We were disappointed in that the vibrations were not nearly strong enough for my liking, however my vibration sensitivity has been driven by the Fairy Wand corded vibrator.

The vibration noise was very minimal as we expect from most vibrating toys, we don’t like non natural sounds during sex. However when between two bodies, the noise is not even noticable.

The OVO B11 Cockring is a reasonably priced cock ring, however if you enjoy really strong vibrations from your cock rings, this may not be the perfect choice for you. The smooth curves of the OVO ensure that injuries are not possible and skin pinches are minimal. The material is high quality and should last for the duration of the warranty.

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