2 December 2014

Ansell Nano Thin Condoms - Adult Product Review

Put simply, I was not a fan of condoms. I was always put-off by the lack of feeling and sensation that I would get using a condom. Ex girlfriends would eventually get sick of me saying "I can't feel anything!" So they eventually went on the pill and I was happy I did not have to use a condom.

However, I recently entered a new relationship and my girl was not keen on the pill. Oh no! It was back to my archnemisis - the dreaded condom. This is where I went on a mission to find a super thin condom. This is where I discovered Nano Condoms, which I had't heard of before. I read the technology behind this product and decided to give it a go. Wow, simply wow!

Feeling, tick! Pleasure, tick! Good times, tick! The feature I loved the most was that it is 'super' thin. I have tried so-called super thin condoms before and these have blown the others out of the water. Again, Nano Condoms is simply 'wow'. This condom is the true meaning of super thin. In fact I had to check a few times to see if I still had it on! Like they say: If it ain't on, it ain't on. And it was 'on' like a frog in a sock, many many times over. Nano Condoms well and truly exceeded my expectations. Nano Condoms, you have changed my perception of condoms FOREVER and more importantly, my future love life too!

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Review By: Marco

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