27 January 2015

Super Hung Heroes: The Hammer - Sex Toy Review

Let me preface this by saying that personally, I'm not always the biggest fan of insertables that don't vibrate. I suppose my question has always been, unless it vibrates or it's double ended…why not just use the real thing? My experiences have mostly been with using toys like this on other people so I went in to this a bit of a skeptic...

I stand before you corrected and converted.

The 'Super Hung Heroes' line by Doc Johnson has something for everyone. Each toy is a different size and shape, with it's own little perks to appeal to a wide range of audiences...Much like the heroes it's mostly subtly representing. My play date this time was with 'The Hammer' - I'll let you guess who it's referring to. The packaging and presentation immediately appeals to the nerdy, comic book, sex fiend in you. It's bright, colourful and stands out on a shelf. As do the toys themselves.

The Hammer, well, it's exactly that. A pretty precise depiction of the one wielded by Thor himself, the handle is brown and made to look like a leather grip and it's with this end you'll have the most fun. The top is grey and square, and makes for a really good grip during play....aka, all the times you're not like me and running around the house threatening to hit people with it. Yeah, this is a toy that covers play time on several levels...!!

Now, apart from indulging the shamelessly geeky side of me, this toy is pretty perfect in a lot of other ways too.

One of my biggest criticisms with dildos, is the frustration when it comes to being able to actually build up the pace and force to give yourself a proper 'seeing to' as it were. For those of us who are fans of a little more rough play, the end of your hammer, in this case, is a real help. Far from being uncomfortable to bump in to, it enables you to mimic the thrust of someone's hips against you really easily and to arch off to get deeper and harder penetration.

The 'leather' detail down the side of the 'handle' or dildo portion of the toy, act much like the realistic veins you see in the flesh or on other toys. They provided a little added stimulation, without being overwhelming or uncomfortable. The end also mimics the head of a penis, which makes for bonus stimulation upon entry.

'The Hammer' is, I have to say, the perfect size for personal play, but also for play with a partner. One of my concerns when allowing a partner to use toys on me, particularly slightly bigger ones, is the potential for harm if they're a little too forceful or a little too fast, which is can be annoying, as that's what stimulates me best. The Hammer is mid range. It's not too small and it's not a giant. It's flexible and whilst firm, still malleable enough that muscle contractions and such aren't painful. As someone who has VERY strong internal muscles (And regularly does her kegels), I'm after something that works with me internally, so, things like glass can often be a problem

Let me say again, this toy is far from floppy. It's firm and ready to go. The fact that it can bend with relative ease, also means that it can be used for targeted G Spot stimulation, if that's what you're after. It's a relatively perfect length, also. So you should be able to use without too much worry of hitting the cervix, again, making it pretty perfect to put in someone else's hands, with a cheeky smile and the line "Are you worthy?"

Use your favourite lube, liberally with this guy. It'll keep the toy slick, without losing the stimulation from those details mentioned.

I'll note that I briefly tried this toy for anal play and it's certainly one I'll use again. I'm not someone who indulges regularly in anal play, but the points I mentioned above about flexibility and malleability definitely apply here. The head, as mentioned, does add a little more stimulation, but with anal play it's not so defined it's uncomfortable to insert first time round and as the intensity of play increases. I'd likely use it on a partner looking to try a bigger toy, as it's such a comfortable toy to use. It's not too ambitious for those looking to push themselves, slowly, but bigger than the smaller anal toys on the market. I like to have a fair amount of functionality with these kinds of things. The fact that The Hammer isn't a one tricky pony, definitely gives it appeal.

I think half the fun of play with this toy comes from the geeky aspect and the fact that this toy is one of many in the line - you can collect them all! I had a lot of fun with it and I'm sure you will too.

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