11 March 2015

Sasmar Classic and Strawberry Lubricant - STRA Lube Review

I was asked to review products and toys for Sex Toy Reviews Australia on a regular basis and part of that includes reviewing new/little known products launched on the market. I recently received some Sasmar lube, which is made in France. I was interested to find out how they would perform in my bookings.  I'm very particular about the lube I use as I find some cheaper and common brands actually give me thrush. My regular brand is German and it's fantastic but can be expensive, so I was happy to find something I could consider using as well, if it passes my tests.

Some facts about the product first from off the back of the tube -
Classic is a silky smooth water based lube, it's PH Balanced, moisturising, Long lasting, fragrance free, No parabens, eases discomfort & it's condom safe.
Strawberry lube has all the listed above plus fruity fun of smelling and tasting like strawberries.

As I take the role of toy reviewer very seriously, because its my reputation on the line and my reputation means everything to me. So I used both tubes solely with me in my 'hooker bag' and used they in all my bookings for 2 months, to test it out throughly in all the scenarios that I use lube. I wanted to make sure I was giving it all opportunity to impress and for me it did. Honestly I didn't even have to pull out my regular German favourite not once in the whole time, so I was very impressed.

Outcomes of my tests. Note: You may use lube differently to myself, so I split up my findings to make it easier.

1. My hate is when the cheaper lubes are used for hand jobs they end sticky and you need to re-apply a few times. With this product I found I didn't have to re-apply and it didn't get sticky at all.

2. Body slides and Spanish (in between my boobs) it was perfect, stayed slippery but yet not oily, so wasn't as messy afterwards on the sheets.

3. Even with anal, it was great. The expensive German brand I usually use is specifically for anal, so I was actually surprised the Sasmar lube worked so well.

4. With vaginal sex even, it didn't give me thrush which is great. However I don't use lots of lube generally for this but I did find that it did sting a couple times but that was after rough fingering too.

Things I like -
Easy to use, worked so well in all applications, the clear gauge on the side of the tube let you see how much was left in there, it tasted fine, it smelled good especially the strawberry, I've used it for 2 months and I have half the tube in each one left, if there's spills on the sheets that it left no mark once dried, and it's compact size makes it perfect for my toy bag.

Things I didn't like -
There was really just one thing that it was easy to use too much with the nozzle of the tube and it's liquid consistency, but I guess if you changed the consistency then that would effect how good it was so, this is really something I could live with and just adjust when it becomes my regular brand.

My Verdict -
I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone, it's cheaper than my favourite German brand 'JO' and it's just as good.  Once I run out of these too tubes, I will search it out to see where it's stocked so I can keep using it. It's great.

Happy orgasms! :)
Kellie xx

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Review By: Kellie Blair - Melbourne Private Escort
Courtesy of: www.kellieblair.com
Ph:  0477205105

Products Provided By: www.sasmar.com

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