1 July 2015

Lelo Siri 2 - Sex Toy Review

This is the first toy that we as a couple have reviewed for Sex Toys Review Australia. Neither of us had seen or used the original version of this toy, mainly because I am more of an internal rather than external stimulated person and we already have a reliable wand that mostly works when required. So, this is a totally unbiased review on the Lelo Siri 2.

Now, let’s talk about the features.  It has eight different vibration modes, the ability to increase or decrease the strength of the vibrations plus an additional voice activated mode. It is USB rechargeable and it doesn’t look like a vibrator, so you’re not going to get uncomfortable questions if you leave it charging on the desk at home. It’s waterproof, so that opens up plenty of opportunity for playing with it in the shower. It is made out of 100% body safe materials, and there are no obvious seams or ridges that you need to pay attention to which makes it easy to clean.

The toy comes with a one year warranty, an instruction manual, charging cable, a satin storage pouch [for travelling] and a sample of Lelo’s water based lube. The packaging is very classy and once you discard the external box you could quite easily keep the internal box on your dressing table or in a drawer, as it easily passes for a high quality cardboard jewellery container.

Of course the first thing we had to do was test out the voice activation mode. We found that it reacted quite well to various types of music; the best reactions came from Metallica and Mozart! This lead us to spending sometime searching the internet for other types of noise and found that it seemed to respond well to videos of motorbikes being revved. So guess what I'm going to try the next time we go for a ride?

There are eight different settings and you can dial up or down the strength but we only found one that was constant and strong enough to be effective. I tested the Siri out with my partner and also alone, to see if there was any difference.

We both agreed that the toy works best for us as a tease or build up mechanism, and is quite effective when combined with restraint or when I'm blindfolded. Unfortunately it will not be the toy that either of us reach for should the need arise.

However, for about 75% of the general female population who are externally stimulated, the Lelo Siri 2 would make a great toy for use together or when you are home alone. It’s styling, compact size, ability to recharge via a USB port and ease of cleaning, all contribute to it becoming a popular hand held vibrator.

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