6 August 2015

Masque Flavoured Strips - Adult Product Review

This is our latest couple based review for Sex Toys Review Australia. This time he is of the opinion that we hit the jackpot, so far as useful toys are concerned. As we were given Masque Sexual Flavours.

Essentially, they are flavoured oral strips that you dissolve on your tongue before you perform fellatio and they are designed to cover up any unpleasant taste sensation that he may have.

They come in packs of three and there are four flavours available; Strawberry, Watermelon, Chocolate and Mango. We were given the chocolate ones to try out. They are simple to use; you just peel away the outer foil wrapping, pop them on your tongue, wait for them to almost fully dissolve and indulge!

We found the chocolate flavour to be fairly true to form but did notice a slight toothpaste after taste in the mouth, which wasn't unpleasant just different. One point to note is that if you touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and let them dissolve there, it can numb that part of your mouth. This would be most useful if you are experimenting with deep throating or attempting to swallow more of your partner than you may normally be able to. A word of caution though if you are going to do this, please ensure that you have a glass of water and a hand towel close by, just in case you're unable to control your gag reflex.

We got about fifteen minutes of flavour from one strip, which is true to the packaging notes. He didn't notice anything different or unusual between using the strips and not using the strips and there was no change in sensation for him at all. I noticed the numbing of the back part of her mouth, from when the strip ended up on the roof of my mouth but nothing unpleasant.

We will both certainly be using the entire packet of strips, as they have been most effective in bringing some fun into that part of our sex lives than other edible items that we have tried in the past.

We would both recommend this product and it would be good for couples where they find that he can occasionally have an overly tangy taste that you would like to cover up.

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