19 October 2015

Seventeen Bordeaux Masturbator - Sex Toy Review

I’m a pretty open minded gay man, with a healthy love for cockrings & sex toys in general. As luck would have it, I was recently sent another sex toy to review. Yeah, I love my job - besides, someone has to do it! This time I was given a “Seventeen Bordeaux” masturbation sleeve, which is apparently one of the top selling masturbators in Japan. Included in my 'parcel of fun' was a 370ml bottle of Onatsuyu lubricant, which they say pairs perfectly with the masturbator. So, as you can imagine my husband & I were set for a pretty fun weekend ahead of us, putting this sleeve & lube through it’s paces.

I’ve tried several other masturbation sleeves before, all with varying styles, sizes, openings, some with vibrators built in & others without. Even though I’m gay, I’ve got no issue using one that has a vagina shaped opening. For me, it’s about the sensation they bring, not the look of the hole. The packaging & description on the website is targeted to entice straight guys. That said, if you have a penis, then you’re gonna want to try a wank sleeve; period.

This is the first sleeve that I’ve tried that doesn’t have an opening at the opposite end, so I was expecting the design to create a suction effect during use that would make it difficult or awkward. Having only one opening, it does create an almost sealed environment, but that’s where the lube comes in handy. Coating the inner tube helps you to slide in & out with ease, but that’s a given because you’d never use a wank sleeve without any lubrication. This makes for some unusual suction noises, so if using it quietly is important to you, then the more vigorous you are, the more noise you will generate.

The “Seventeen Bordeaux” has a really nice feel to it. The inner tube is lined with small bumps & ridges that give you an enjoyable sensation along your shaft. It’s made of incredibly stretchy TPE material, so the size of your penis is not going to be an issue - you will definitely be able to go “balls deep” in this one! Mind you, it wouldn’t have felt as good without using the bottle of Onatsuyu lubricant. It’s a heavier lube than normal, but it maintains is viscosity quite well. Never the less, I’m intrigued to use the sleeve using different lube to see how the sensation changes.

Cleaning was a little more cumbersome than other sleeves that have an opening at the opposite end. Those types are pretty simple to flush them out, but with this one being sealed at the end, in order to clean it I had to turn it inside out. Again, it’s really stretchy, so that wasn’t really a problem.

Overall, this is a really good masturbator. It’s a good design and feels great. The material is a little bit soft for my liking; I usually prefer a more firmer feeling. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great product and a really fun toy to use. You’ve gotta give it to the Japanese for their ingenuity.

I’d score this masturbator a 7 out of 10

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Review By: @loveitstrapped 

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