6 November 2015

SXY Perfectly Bound Cuffs - Adult Product Review

The good thing about reviewing products for Sex Toys Review Australia; is that they asked us what we were into before we started. So this review of the SXY Perfectly Bound Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs comes from a couple with knowledge of BDSM and experience in how a play session actually works and what you want and need from your kinky toys!

The distributor, Creative Conceptions describes these cuffs as being suitable for your next level of bondage play. They will give a firm hold for instant control and passionate power play; the unique pivoting cuffs give you total comfort however much you resist.  The strong Velcro fastening fits all, allowing you to take turns being in charge and there is a strategically placed D ring to expand restraint options.

We tested the cuffs several times and they held up quite well, however on the last time we managed to pull them apart and ended up with two separate cuffs instead of two that are joined together. In the clear light of day we were able to put them back together and they do feel like they should stay together, unless you play rough.

In our opinion these cuffs would make a great beginner’s toy or a toy that you would take to a party where you will be teaching someone the basics. They are easy to use and have a quick release function, so they certainly meet the SSC [safe, sane, consensual] rules that people like to play by. The cuffs appear to be washable which means that you won’t have to be careful with how you clean them or worry about storage during the hot months of the year as you do with leather.

Place to Buy:
Salon De Venus

Review By: @A_Brave_Life

Product Provided By: www.salon-de-venus.com.au

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