21 December 2015

Better Than Chocolate by Nomi Tang - Sex Toy Review

When this toy first arrived in the mail, it intrigued me whether it would even work with it's contoured shape and it's name is 'Better than Chocolate' which I thought originally that was a claim that this vibrator was better than chocolate. I'm not a huge chocolate fan & would choose an orgasm any day, maybe for the average woman they would describe chocolate as better than sex.

Initially when I used it the first time, I found it frustrating, as my fingers would hit the function button & it would change settings at the most inconvenient time. Once I got the hang of the buttons and gave it a few tries, I was pleasantly surprised. Over the period of the following 2 weeks & using it daily, I can honestly say I love it and the climax reached is quite different when using other toys, and I was actually able to reach climax quite quickly too. It's contoured body allows it to sit right against all of my vagina and stimulate many parts at the same time. The contour also makes it ease to hold and use. I would highly recommend it and it's my main toy at the moment, until the batteries run out anyway.


  • touch slider
  • 1 meter waterproof
  • ergonomic Design
  • ultra quiet
  • powerful vibrations
  • multifunctions & speeds
  • safe & hygienic materials
  • requires 2 AAA batteries

My Verdict:
I loved it, & to be honest I have been using it solely for the past two weeks. I think it's perfect to be used alone and way to contours means it stimulates all of the area instead of just targeting the clit. It would be perfect for the 'new to toys' couples that are wanting to introduce toys into their lovemaking to spice things up or the seasoned toy lover similar to myself. It lives up to its name in my opinion that's for sure, I would highly recommend it whether you love chocolate or not.

Happy orgasms
Kellie Blair xx

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Kellie Blair - Melbourne & Touring Escort
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