10 May 2016

Vive Shiatsu - Sex Toy Review

To be honest when I received the Vive Shiatsu to road test I was really excited by its on box description and potential, and I couldn't wait to be alone to try it out. Once it was fully charged I just couldn't get it to turn on. I held done the middle button for 3 seconds (like nearly all rechargeable vibes), but nothing. Re-checked the instructions and it just wouldn't turn on. I downloaded the app to my phone and then tried to locate and connect, that failed too.

Once I got the heads-up needed to switch it on, I thought I'd try it out. To be honest via extensive testing I found this vibe absolutely hopeless. Not a single orgasm which hasn't happened often but the following night I had a cramp in my thigh and found the wide massager head perfect to massage the cramp away lol! You seriously have to ask whose designing these toys? The head that meant to sit against your clitoris is the diameter of a tennis ball & this vibe isn't cheap either at around $200. I've seen reviews about the Shiatsu and they were glowing, but must not have tested it out at all. If you notice in the attached pic comparing the size of the head on both the shiatsu toy & my fav wand, which I'm yet to review. The shiatsu head is way too wide and can't target the area properly to even get you excited. It's so disappointing, I'm not not going to lie, my reputation means a lot to me. You can come give it a go if you like.

What I liked about it:

  • It has so many rotations for the internal part of the vibe, that I haven't seen before and very enjoyable sensations
  • The power of the toy is fantastic.
  • Both ends move independently of each other
  • It's rechargeable, so no hassles with batteries
  • The silicone outer is easy to clean

What I didn't like:

  • The Design Is All Wrong! The massager end is way too big. It works well for body massage, but no good for the area intended
  • The on/off functions of the toy could be simplified

My Verdict:  
If you're like me and orgasm externally from clitoris stimulation and not from internal stimulation than until they change the design to hit the clitoris, don't bother as this toy will not deliver. But if you can squirt and come from your G-spot internally than maybe you might have a different experience than me and can recommend this toy. It's so disappointing as this toy promised so much out of the box and yet delivered so little. Sorry! I can't put my name to something that I found only delivered half what it promised as a serious toy reviewer, hopefully the designers at Shots listen and change it and I'll happily test the revised version.

Happy Orgasms,
Kellie Blair xx

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Review By:
Kellie Blair - Melbourne Escort
Courtesy of: www.kellieblair.com
Twitter - @Misskellieblair

Product Provided By: www.kanoodle.com.au

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