12 August 2016

Blewit Pleasure Trainer - Sex Toy Review

I’ve been lucky to have played with quite a few different masturbation sleeves in the past. They’ve all been of varying degrees of design, form and function, some low cost versions and some high, but all with varying results. But when it comes to this one, the Blewit masturbation sleeve has got to be one of the best on the market for quite a number of reasons, so lets talk about them in detail. I'll start with the overall look & design of the Blewit. When I first saw the packaging, I was immediately intrigued. It’s quite removed from your normal wank sleeve design you'd expect, it definitely was not instantly recognisable or immediately obvious what it was. This could be a really good thing for those who might have family members or housemates stumble across this toy, as they won’t know what on earth it truely contains (unless the open the end, lol). The shape of the twisting geometrical casing not only looks really cool & funky, but it amazingly holds in your hand perfectly, either left or right handed, and the outside material is non-slip, so you never miss a stroke or loose control of your sleeve. On the top end, there is a unique function that I’ve not seen before. It has a suction control switch that either allows airflow through the tube or blocks it off so there is a stronger suction that you feel as you move in and out of the sleeve. It was an interesting design choice, but the difference in sensation to me was only mild with my preference for a closed valve, though some guys might find it really hits their sweet spot. The option with the valve open did turn up the volume in the noise it makes, so this could be something to keep in mind if you have paper thin walls. The inner tube itself is a really great quality material and the super sensitive inner textured tube feels so damn good,…so damn good, indeed that I came twice in about 10 minutes.

The design & idea of this sleeve as described on their website, is ‘pleasure training’ so you can practice sustaining your love making for longer, and not cum too soon. But damn, the sensations you get on your shaft from this sleeve with the help of a dollop of water based lubricant (don’t use silicone as its corrosive for the inner tube), is so intense at times that you could be forgiven for going hard & fast and flooding that sucker with your seed. I definitely did on my first few goes, I couldn’t help myself. So, get your first few goes out the way, and then you can get serious with your ‘training’. I guess this is the idea behind it, to learn how to prolong the pleasure, get better control of your sexual function. There are also two rings supplied, standard and extra tight, so you can mix up the feeling a little more by changing the pressure of the entry.

As for the aftermath, this was without a doubt the easiest clean up I’ve ever had. You unscrew the end cap with the suction control, place the sleeve over a tap and flush it out with warm running water. There sleeve was packaged with a clear plastic tube that was inside the sleeve, but for me it doubled up as a way to clean the inside. I pumped some hand soap down the opening, and used the plastic tube to ‘scrub’ the length of the sleeve. It was a piece of cake. Clean up literally took about 30 seconds. And it gets better. The base has an open grid design to allow continuous airflow through the sleeve. So you rinse it, shake out the excess water, screw the ventilated base back on and stand upright to dry out. They’ve really put a lot of thought and clever design into this product. Its simple and very effective. I’ve often discounted some of my other sleeves because I couldn’t be bothered with the clean up and stuff, but the Blewit masturbation sleeve is so great & easy to clean, that its likely not going to make its way into the cupboard due to daily use.

Thanks again to my partnership with Sex Toy Review Australia, it’s really been a great couple of weeks reviewing this product. Both my partner and I really love playing with it, and you’re really going to enjoy it too.

So, for my final score I’m going to give the Blewit Pleasure Trainer 9.5 out of 10.

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