17 January 2017

Kama Sutra Chocolate Caress Body Paint - Adult Product Review

This chocolate body paint is perfect for experimental couples who love to lick and tease, and who enjoy getting messy and intimate together. Great way to spice it up in the bedroom & it's a bit of fun, especially good for Valentine's Day or anytime really.

The Testing: 
I enlisted the help of a fuck buddy to help me test this product out. Luckily unlike me he loved chocolate so I thought it would be perfect to give this review balance. So he started by applying the body paint to my breasts using the brush that was supplied, and this in itself was pretty delicious foreplay. I mean, having warm goo rubbed and painted onto your boobs was super hot to watch and felt good, plus the anticipation of what comes next well it was so good too. Then watching him lick and suck every bit of the chocolate off my body was such a turn on. We made out for a while, he applied more of the paint not just to my boobs this time, but all over my stomach too and I hopped on top of him (to give him a visual and enhance his arousal). Laying on him I started doing a sticky bodyslide up and down his body spreading to paint all over, it was a combination of sploshing (food play) and bodyslide not as smooth as when I'm oiled up but it still felt good. Then I licked it off and let him lick it all off me, it was VERY EROTIC. Seriously, a lot of fun & The novelty of the body paint didn't even distract from the hotness of it all. Having to lick and clean all that chocolate up, made sure there was plenty of time on foreplay, and that's a good thing for any couple. I would never encourage anyone to insert the product as it will effect the ph balance of the Vagina and result in thrush. So it's definitely for external use only.

Kama Sutra Body Paint Chocolate Caress
I know what you're thinking: This sounds messy. But it really was a lot more manageable than I was expecting. The paint is sticky enough that it mostly stays on your bodies (putting down some towels makes clean up easier as it WILL get on your sheets), and it washes off quite easily in the shower. You can even wash each other off afterwards. As for the taste, it was more like a chocolate syrup you put into milkshakes than a rich chocolate sauce and for me it was a bit sickly sweet after awhile.

My Verdict:  It tastes good, feels great and will enhance the pleasure of your foreplay. Fantastic way to spice things up and to add a bit of fun back into the bedroom. Once it's opened it will need to be refrigerated, but what I liked was the fact you could microwave it(not too hot) or even using it cold would add extra sensations on nipples and clit. I also liked the brush applicator, making it easier to apply and draw love hearts and shapes. It's a fun novelty and I wasn't short of volunteers to help me test this product out. I Highly recommended it for Valentine's, so go ahead and surprise her, you both will love it guaranteed -  4 stars out of 5.

Happy Orgasms,
Kellie Blair xx

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Kellie Blair - Melbourne Escort
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