2 May 2017

Jopen Callie Vibrating Wand - Sex Toy Review

The packaging is nicely done and looks like a good quality product. Upon opening the box the wand and the USB charging cable are nicely presented and inviting to look at.

Taking the wand out of the box it has a nice silky and balanced feel in my hand. The wand is lovely to feel and pretty to look at and I can't wait to feel it against my skin.

The jewelled push button on the end is quite lovely to look at but a little hard to use one handed and means you have to turn it around to turn it on or use two hands.

Whilst the shape is pleasant to look at and nice to hold when dry, once it is in action and I add a bit of lube to the experiment and everything changes. The diamond button is hard to use single handed and because of the shape it is hard to get a tight enough grip in order to push the button. Inside it feels smooth and comfortable but the vibrator's shape and feel is too smooth to grab enough for it to be useful. The number of speeds and patterns of vibration were quite good but not quite as strong as others I have in my kit.

I decided to give it a fair go and try again, once I added a willing partner to add to the mix. Sadly, it was more challenging not less. The wand was good until we added lube. He enjoyed feeling it on his perineum as a prostrate vibrator. He said it was nice on his penis, at one stage It could be mistaken as a projectile, being nearly impossible to hang onto and at one stage it did shoot across the bed out of his hands, creating laughter and jokes from both of us. Overall, sadly I can't say I would recommend this high quality made product. There are better out there.

Aesthetics : 8/10
Variations : 8/10
Power : 6/10
Button: 4/10
Usability: 4/10

Overall: 6/10

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Review By:
Diana - Brisbane Escort
Courtesy of: www.dibrisbaneescort.com/
Twitter - @DiQld

Product Provided By: www.kanoodle.com.au

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